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How to write your first blog post

Follow these simple steps and start producing that great content for your blog

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So you have finally built that WordPress site after several months and years of thinking and procrastinating, you took the bold step to make it this far. And now your head is full of thoughts and all you are doing right now is asking yourself “what are you going to post now that your website is ready?” You feel maybe blogging was not your thing and that maybe you made a mistake taking the step. 


I am here to let you know that you are not alone. Yes, you heard me right. I have always dreamed of owning my website blogging just like millions of bloggers around the world. And to be frank, I never tried making the move it has always been just a dream until this year January 2020. I told myself that things have to change. That I must take the bold step that all the things that have remained just a dream in my life that now is the time to make them a reality. Which one of those dreams has been having my website as a blogger?


I am happy to tell you that my dream is no longer just a dream that it’s now a reality. It gave birth to Just like you turned that dream into a reality. And if you are yet to take these bold steps of building the website and start your blog? It’s not too late you can still start it today. Here you will find how to build a world-class blogging site in minutes



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…what a minute, did I just say that? 

Start writing?

..But I am confused and don’t know what to write about and I don’t even know my audience 

.. I don’t even know if what I will write anyone will read it or even like it. 

Now you are very correct and I can tell you that does not matter because contrary to what I also read online by most bloggers they advise things like:

 What’s your Audience?

And many more

But as a New Blogger, you first need to start letting out those things in you. Ideas and your own experiences just let them out. Try the waters let them come naturally because you are your story. 

Start writing as it all comes to your mind. Do not allow yourself to be limited by all the rules. Let the excitement of launching that blog be your energy and your guide. 



Getting Your First Audience


Now that you have successfully written that idea and experiences down.

Go ahead and read it again. Does it make sense to you and do you love it?

You can go ahead invite that your family member or friend to let them read it. Do they like what you have written? It is okay, allow them to criticize let them judge your first blog post. Do you know what; they are your number one audience!

 Remember you can write as many topics or niche as the ideas comes through your mind.



Picking the best articles

Now that your first Audience has honestly criticized your first blogging articles, chose the most recommended or loved articles to go through it one more time this is to ensure that you identify any possible mistakes and rectify any doubts. There are quite a number of tools online like Grammarly which helps to ensure your writing is error-free and easy to read. You can find Top 10 Best Grammarly alternatives in 2020 here.



Its time to post your first Articles on your blog. Just go ahead and turn ON the comments and entertain yourself reading your second and Largest Audience feedback just like me.










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