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What is the best way to get rid of Loneliness?


There are a lot of people around the world today who is directly or indirectly dealing with what we call Loneliness. Sometimes we are lonely but we do not realize it. 

So here we shall be looking at what is loneliness, the cause and the possible right ways to handle Loneliness


Firstly let’s look at the world Loneliness what it means;

When you start feeling unhappy, sad and unwanted because you are alone, Lacks love, connection, and communication from a person or group of people. 


One problem with Loneliness is that you can be Lonely and don’t realize it and you end up living it. Yes, what I mean by living it is you start seeing yourself behaving in a certain way which is different from you.



Signs of Loneliness


There are lots of signs and symptoms of Loneliness and the good news is that some of them you can fight and overcome them yourself. But now am going to be focusing on one which is;


I picked this one because I see it as another word suitable for Loneliness. When you are lonely your mind is telling you that you need these, you want that and you will end up losing concentration to other things that matter in your life such as your job, family and people around you may not understand you anymore

Some people may even end up losing total control of their self and environment. Which make Loneliness a very dangerous and unpleasant thing which any of us who experience it should seek for proper ways in handling it, here I have mentioned few of the things which we tend to crave when these feeling of loneliness start. 


  1. Relationship
  • The sudden need for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife. The problem with this one is that most people don’t make the right choice at this time. Because they are not emotionally stable to make the right choice, so there mind will trike them into rushing in just to satisfy the cravings. 


  1. Food
  • One a lot of people are might be guilty of it. From chocolate to all manner of ice creams. They just want to try out any meal on the menu, eating all the junk food they can easily find while indirectly neglecting and putting their overall health in danger.
  1. Party 

       Yes, they want to go all out to party, doing all new and old things to satisfy their gratifications. Though a lot of people recommend going all out and partying as a remedy to loneliness the question is, is it a permanent fix or a temporary fix?

  1. Sex

     Sex and masturbation are very high on the list of the cravings. In as much as it feels good, how safe are you because you? A lot of people go to social media seeking someone they can have the “one-night stand” thing and some if they are not able to take that root they end up masturbating it all night day and night. And the problem is that these all have consequences just like every other thing which we do without our right mind. There are stories about some who jump into their vehicle in the middle of the night going for street hawkers and all is to satisfy these cravings. And at the end of the day, a lot find out that there overall safety and health has been compromised due to the Loneliness they feel.


And many more…..

Now that we have seen from the above what Loneliness is, the signs and the things it can make us do, let us explore the best ways to get rid of Loneliness




The best way to get rid of Loneliness


In no particular order:

  • Love

One of the best ways to get rid of Loneliness: is by starting to love you first. Understanding that we’re not going to attract everybody in our life or get everyone to hang around us and to love us. 

It is as simple as that, when you learn that you were born alone as an individual and not as a crowed then you will understand that you don’t need another a particular person in your life before you can be happy, love yourself and live a fulfilled life. If you can do these then you are halfway from getting rid of that Loneliness because the other things below would be a piece of cake to you.  


I believe you are ready;


Now that you have understood that by loving yourself you are a half of getting rid of Loneliness the next thing is; 


  • Patience

Yes really, Patience it is, you just have to be patient in life that is the more reason you have to make sure you live a good life and don’t engage in things that put you or your health at risk. “For a patient, dog eats the largest bone” and “He that fights and runs today leaves to fight another day”

So when you are patience the right person that truly loves you will somehow link up with you. But guess what, a dead person doesn’t have that opportunity.


…..mmmm I hope we are getting somewhere? 

Okay, let me tell you the two above Love and Patience are the best ways to get rid of Loneliness.



Now you are like. What are you kidding me? 

My answer; actually no I am not kidding you that’s all. But if you are among the many other persons who are hoping for something that we have been told over and over then I have these to say to you;


Did you know that there are people who usually go out, make friends, explore and get new hobbies don’t work for, in fact, they find them boring, Because you cannot only feel Lonely only because you are alone and not around people, or not where you are supposed to be, sometimes it just does not matter. You can still be around people yet you are lonely. So base on that I can tell you Loneliness comes from within us. However, here is below is another simple but yet powerful way:


 ways you can get rid of Loneliness if the above doesn’t work for your


 Rediscover Yourself

A journey into self-rediscovery can go alone way into getting rid of loneliness and can also contribute to preventing it in the future. How do I rediscover myself? Start by:

Find a good pace individual you end up to be

Begin making the most of your contemplation and thoughts

Imagine a scenario where I don’t care for who I wind up to be. Do these;

Begin changing the things about you that you don’t care for and care for. Keep doing these until you become that someone you would be happy to be. Those things to change could even be individuals. In such a case that you wind up encompassed you despite everything feel desolate that is the perfect time for you to now begin glancing somewhere down in you to find yourself.

At the point when you accomplish to like your own company you will be so shocked at what beautiful, fun and shrewd individual you are. What’s more, in the event that you despite everything need to go moreover you can feel free to associate yourself with individuals who resemble the individual you have quite recently rediscovered YOU




NOTE: “we can do all the fun things we can lay our hands and minds on even have the best of friends or loved once but without Discovering and loving you and having patience Loneliness may still be very close”


I wish I could go on but I have to stop here, I would love to see your thoughts on how to get rid of Loneliness and also if this post was helpful.

And if every other thin fails is time you seek medical care


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